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march 14, 2009 // 12:30am

That was weird, it seemed like, um, well over a year passed since I actually wrote more than three words on this page. Where was I? Oh yeah, I guess I was going city-by-city through my trip to Europe, which was, um, 18 months ago. Must've been some weird sort of time warp that went on there? Who knows.

Well, in case you've been reloading daily, wondering how the Europe trip turned out, it was good. After the cities I wrote about, we went to some others. They were all good. Maybe some day I'll write more words about them. But if I don't, please don't disown me as a son-in-law. Because that's kind of harsh!

So, you're probably wondering, what brings you back to this page? What makes you write in something that would now be called a blog, but when you started was just known as a place on the internet to talk about falling asleep on the subway and, in the process, quote Britney Spears songs?

Well, there was a time in my 20s when I'd have a little tradition. on the night of march 13th, after the clock struck midnight and my age officially changed, I'd sit down here and write some words and update my page. (see 29, 26, 25 and 24, if you think I'm a filthy liar.)

one common thread with those old posts is that I'd write even though I had barely anything to say. so I'm pleased to report that, although I'm -- 32? (huh? how'd that happen?) -- I'm still updating this page with absolutely nothing to say.

But hey, while I'm here, I may as well share random thoughts:

  • last night's SU game was extremely long... and at times maddening... and in the end completely awesome. I ended it feeling kind of exhausted. I'd say I was as exhausted as I would've been if I was playing, but I really have no idea what that would feel like. I do not, in fact, have game.
  • In 2007, I made a site called Heywire. Some people looked at it and enjoyed it. In 2009, that site was renamed ARTST. Now, many many people look at it. Feel free to share your artwork on that site, I will not try to stop you.
  • I'm working on a very fun project for N*E*R*D right now. It should be up before, um, the next time I update this.
  • I'm in the early stages of potentially working on another cool project. This one is train related. Perhaps due to the theme of this very page that I'm writing on? Probably not.
  • I set up my brand new Mac Pro this week. It's currently side-by-side with my G5. They look kind of like twins, although one is several years older than the other.
  • I no longer work from home. I now work in a studio with some friends, (both old and new and new.) It's STUDIO 41, which is rather perfect and awesome. I'll post pictures at some point, because I'm finally getting it decorated and set up properly.
  • so far, age 32 includes very bad gas.
ok, I'm running out of room down here so I'll wrap this up. thanks for reading, if in fact you did. I'll try to neglect this page less. although I also technically have a blog going over on the fishbucket homepage, but that's mostly geared towards business-related business. and less about gas. I should try to keep them both going, but I know better than to make promises!