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saturday 12:09am december twenty-first two thousand two

preparing for some trips. I'm hitting all of the hot spots this holiday season: schenectady, ny, west monroe, ny, york, pa, and las vegas, nv.

part of the schenectady trip includes DISCMAS. the annual squad christmas party. and the crazy thing is that this is DISCMAS 9. next year is the tenth anniversary. and that is really quite frightening, in a "damn we're getting old" kind of way. but of course, it's also great news, since it means we've all stayed close for all this time. which is really quite cool.

I'm thoroughly anticipating vacation, and getting away from work for a little bit. I've been a busy little boy lately. and it should be good to go back to being a lazy little boy for a while...

so yeah, I should get back to said preparations. just wanted to do a quick update to wish all happy holidays and stuff.

a few holiday-related links to pass some of your time:

saturday 2:13am december twenty-first two thousand two

THIS JUST IN: at 1:45am, I received a "merry christmas, you're fired!" e-mail. seems the boss doesn't feel "comfortable" in the office without me there. because I'm such a comforting guy, no doubt. that was really nice of him. here I was finally starting to relax, easing into an enjoyable and carefree vacation. thanks, dick!