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1:38am saturday december twentieth 2003

it was basically a year ago tonight, my night-before-heading-home, when my late-night packing was interrupted as my computer dinged and my mail icon started bouncing. that's when I found a well-timed e-mail from my useless boss-at-the-time, basically saying "hey kid, if you don't start working in new jersey, you're fired." a message which I of course promptly posted on the internet for public mocking.

so the anniversary of that night has gotten me thinking back over the past year, comparing where I am now with where I was before. it's bizarre to even think that I "worked for" that douchebag for all that time. especially since I pretty much hated him since late 2001. but it makes me quite happy to think that while this year has by far been my most prolific yet, in the same time his company (and life, I hear,) have crumbled. and that just makes me smile.

in other news, DISCMAS X is in a few days. it's the tenth-annual disco squad holiday party, and I am intently looking forward to it. we were tossing around all sorts of ideas on how to make it crazy and unusual, most of which have fallen through at this point, but I've got no doubt that it'll be a raucously good time.

ok I will take my leave now. happy holidays to all.