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11:48pm wednesday december tenth 2003

[portions of this entry have been edited due to guilt.]

we got a new host, so within a day or two, a domain name server thingamajig near you will start directing you to the new and improved fishbucket server. which means fancy addresses like will work again, and hopefully we won't lose six months of data overnight again. because that's not enjoyable.

coming soon: discmas X. the squad will be celebrating our tenth annual discmas. that's wild. and as always, will prove to be fun.

also coming soon: the kelis site. for real this time. I finished my work on it a few days ago, as did chief. (as a sidenote, this is the first actual production of "fishbucket industries" as a whole. I did the front-end, chief did the back-end. and it worked out quite well.) anyway, the site is done and ready to launch, but there's some delays over somewhere in the star trak / arista heirarchy, so we're waiting to launch. so any day now I'll probably be announcing that.

ok that's it for tonight. hari rama guys.