sunday 11:48pm november eleventh 2001

I've got a lot to complain about, but I really don't feel like going into it now.

today vicki and I went to brunch, and sitting right next to us at our table was molly shannon. that was weird.

I also went to the gym today. it was the first time since 1997, i think.

sometimes I think about coffee. like there was someone, sometime who thought "hey, why don't I take these beans, grind them up, heat up water, and run it through the ground-up beans. then I'll take that and drink it." wow, that person was a genius.

tonight i made chili. it was good.

I'm not sure whether I should capitalize the word 'I'. I don't like capitalizing other words, but sometimes I think that I should be capitalized regardless. damn that's eerie.

watch this.

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