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sunday 1:57am november tenth two thousand two

wow, I haven't updated this in almost a month. I'm getting lazy. or maybe I haven't had so many things to say. or maybe I work at home now, so I sit here at my desk in my apartment all day, so when the day ends it doesn't cross my mind to sit at my desk and work on my site. or maybe since I sit in my apartment all day, nothing terribly interesting has gone on that made me want to write about.

no, I'm just lazy. those are all excuses. I do have a few photos to share. so if you wanted to look at those, then you could. you could click on the photo galleries link on the left, or on this one right here.

why do a lot of people like to say "click here to go to this link" - then they make "click here" the link. why don't they just not say click here, and make "the link" the link? I never quite got that. I guess I'll never make it in this industry.

while seeing beck in august, I thought "I should get those two albums of his I don't have." then I got home and forgot. when I saw beck in october, during the show I thought "I should get those two albums of his I don't have." and that time, when I got home I ordered them. and today they got here. (this one and that one.) they're not overly consistent, but there is a lot of good stuff in here. yes. I'm listening to them now, and that made me think it would make a good topic to write about. I'm now having second thoughts.

other music news: riot act comes out this week. buy it.