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12:35am wednesday october fifteenth 2003

so on sunday night, after returning from movie and a dinner, I was sitting on the couch enjoying a bottle of guinness draught and some television programming.

and then, I coughed.

I thought "that's odd, why did I just cough?"

then, I did it again.

fast forward to today, and I'm right in the middle of one of those "hey watch it guy, you're about to get sick" modes. so I've been trying to do crazy things like "not drink alcohol" and "go to bed before 1am."

so, last night and tonight I took some Duane Reade NightTime Liquid Caps. (known to buyers of brand-name drugs as "NyQuil.")

so yeah, they kind of knock me out, which is really the only way I can fall asleep between the extremely early hours of 12am and 1am.

this story is going nowhere. I think they're kicking in.

so anyway I thought I'd write an entry quick before I started fading. that was minutes ago. now I'm wondering why I'm doing this now.

but anyway yeah. now I'm starting a new project and it'll be cool and it's hip hop which is fun. not that banners for AOL aren't fun, but well they aren't really as fun.

I had more to say but I'll say it another time. thank you goodnight.