saturday 1:29am october thirteenth 2001

tonight I saw mulholland drive, the new david lynch film. damn. I'm still processing. have to see it again. soon. it got me inspired, got me thinking about the old days, when I had nothing else to do but be creative. when I was taking inspiration and actually doing something with it.

so that brought me back to a little project I did in school. it was a director piece, and back in the day when I made it they said "this is too big for the 'Internet' - you can't put it online!" well hey, I'm going to.

I present now a blast from the past. recommended only for broadband connections, this is a 6MB shockwave piece from 1998 entitled fourteen fingers. please turn up the sound, explore and enjoy. thanks.

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fourteen fingers (shockwave required,
broadband recommended)