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wednesday 10:47pm october eighth two thousand two

phony rappers? they cannot write. phony rappers? they do not excite.

so there are some approaching changes to my working situation. I've been working at 833 broadway since the summer of 1998. started as an internship for a place called "liquid design group"... kinda sad to think back. there was so much potential. things seemed like they could be really really good. and they were good for a while.

so half of the former liquid design group, oddly dubbed "lime interactive," is moving to "new jersey" next week. while I'm sure that's a state, it's not necessarily a state I'm interested in working in, or commuting to every day. so my workplace will be: right here in my apartment. I've got mixed feelings about sitting inside the apartment all day and rarely making my way into manhattan, but for the time being it'll work out ok.

in other news, curb your enthusiasm is quickly becoming my favorite show on tv.