friday 1:08am october fifth 2001

wow. it's been a long time since I updated this. much has changed. terrorists attacked my city, vicki and I moved in together, and I bought a homer simpson grill.

I have pictures of all of these events, but tonight I'll focus on the last one. we had a nice little get-together tonight, our first time entertaining. mark, tom, tony, lisa, and special guests joel and mikee from LA. of course with homer grilling magic providing the hot meat. pictures can be seen by clicking those little orange boxes to your left. that's your left. not my left.

today I got "reviewed"... I do not work well with others.

check the new link in the LINKS dropdown: johnny miller.

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what I found when I got home wednesday night what I assembled wednesday night mark brings meat fire walk with me
mikee and the grill three happy roommates MEAT  
mark and joel mikee says goodbye