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wednesday 1:29am september twenty-fifth two thousand two

that ringing? why, that's just my ears. nothing to be concerned about.

I just got back from a great show: public enemy, dilated peoples and blackalicious. they were all great. I know dilated peoples the least of the three, but they were really impressive. blackalicious was good, as expected, and PE was incredible. although flavor flav is in jail in the bronx at the moment, so he couldn't make it to the show. which was disappointing. but yeah. PE performed for two hours and fifteen minutes. crazy great show.

I haven't updated this in weeks, I see. my apologies. lately I've been doing some stuff, and thinking about some stuff, and looking to the future about some stuff.

vicki and I are heading down to florida this weekend, for our now-annual trip to her dad's. should be cool, except the weather report is all rain. which is usually our strategy when going to tropical areas.

ok just thought I'd post a few words. on the walk back from the subway tonight I was thinking about what I'd write, but I think I forgot. or maybe this was it? hmmm.