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1:17am friday september twenty-fourth 2004

hello, web page. I've been ignoring you. much has happened since we last spoke. well, no. not really. huh. how have you been, web page? have you been getting a lot of 'hits' lately? many browsers have been downloading your images and rendering your text? have you been lonely? oh I hope things are ok, web page.

on the other hand, lately I've been working. mostly at atmosphere, making advertisements to convince people that cingular has excellent phone services. I've also been working on a site for LA rock band the prom kings, which should be launching in the next couple years.

and that's a good point. next week I have two important meetings to attend. They are at the fleet center in boston, and have to do with me seeing pearl jam twice. (shows #11 and #12, not that I'm counting.)

so I know what you're thinking, web page. "what, douchebag? no more concerts after that?" well, that's where I'd say you're wrong. because in another bold move, I'm seeing the beastie boys at the garden in a few weeks. and that should be fantastic as well.

wow, it's been great catching up with you. I hope you've been having a great time, and hopefully you have some luck with that hot chick website you've been eyeing. I hope you bang the hell out of her, and maybe make some baby websites, that people can view on palm pilots or something.