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3:10am tuesday september ninth 2003

I'm still awake.

watched the final part of the ric burns new york: a documentary film tonight. it was powerful. got me thinking back, which probably goes without saying.

this isn't a week that I look forward to. in fact, it's a week that part of me wishes would never come around. like on thursday, I'd rather not look at the date on my phone or something. or write it on a check or see it up in my menu bar when I click on the time.

got me looking back in my "recent entries" dropdown on the left. although I only write in this thing like once a month, somehow it's really grown over the last few years. I was reading some of the old entries, and thinking "wow, things seemed much simpler then." or naive or something. but yeah.

like this picture I posted on july 23, 2001. in the left side of the picture, squeezed between the structure of the bridge, you can see two towers. when I shot, cropped, optimized and uploaded this picture, they were by no means the focal point. but now that I look at it, they jump out at me.

anyway, it's 3:23 now, so I should be getting to bed. thanks for reading.