wednesday 12:36am september fifth 2001

we did it! the apartment hunt is over. after looking and looking in park slope, and not finding a place big and cheap enough, we wandered over to carroll gardens, and into the office of the most bizarre real estate agent in the world. first I thought he was just a nut, but it turns out he's a nut who's good at finding apartments for people. and he even knocked the price (and his fee) down without us asking.--?!?!

so vicki and I signed the lease tonight. and in three weeks I'll be packing up my stuff, saying goodbye to my neighbors, and moving out.

on the left are some labor day pictures, followed by shots of the brand-new apartment.

next month eric and I are seeing tool.

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labor day in the park easy labor day crossword puzzle in the park macaroni salad fire in the hole MEAT MEAT
the B71 president street the kitchen the toilet vicki looks in the medicine cabinet  
the bedroom the spare room the spare room some crazy guy    
this machine will wash my dishes this is where I will cook things the closet, a la 812 ackerman this is where we will control heat    
this will wash me this is where we will live