monday 11:25pm august twenty-seventh 2001

the apartment hunt has begun. for those who haven't heard, vicki and I are moving in together. we started looking this past weekend, seeing nine different places. luckily the whole "two income" thing helps when it comes to affording stuff, but it also means more decisions. which we're not so fond of.

so far, the apartment in the lead (see that lonely square on the left) is at 39 7th avenue. which, of course, must be some sort of cosmic sign, as it's between 37 and 41. but, if I may apply the yahtzee analogy: we rolled a full house on the first turn. do we pick up the other two dice and roll them, trying for a yahtzee? even though that could mean that we lose our full house? hmmm.

in other news, check out the heated debate I started on poopreport: how do you wipe yourself?

tuesday 1:07am august twenty-eighth 2001

and here I thought I was about to get to bed. then there was a little cleanup project to take care of. it seems the mice are dying again...

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    between 37 and 41