stephen r king
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friday 5:20pm august twenty-second two thousand three

so there's this drawing section I have in my portfolio. and it occurred to me that some of the things in there are going on ten years old. and I thought "hey, I've been drawing again. I could put new stuff in there." so I added some drawings. they're not polished or complete or anything, and they were all done in 5 or 10 minutes, but hey. they were done this century. so I added them.

oh, and they're naked. I guess I didn't mention that. naked.

hey, I've got a question. here I am, sitting in my apartment. it's air conditioned. I'm barefoot. yet my feet are sweating profusely. why is that. it's cool in here, but I'm getting around the room by hydroplaning through sweat puddles. please explain that to me, thanks.