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tuesday 12:33am august nineteenth two thousand three

have you heard that the clones are coming? I've been hearing that for a while. well, today's the day that they're here. I launched the site last week for The Neptunes present... Clones, which is out in stores today. so check that site out if you haven't already. then go buy the album so the label makes more money and can afford to keep hiring me to make websites for albums that I'll suggest people buy so they make more money so I can too. it's some sort of economy or something.

in other business news, (is that all I have lately?) I'm starting a site for Underdog Entertainment, an R&B production company in LA. so that'll be fun. a small site, even with some collaboration with former co-limer ian, who will be flexing his logo-making muscles.

so I don't know if anyone heard, but the power went out the other day. it may not have made the news. but yeah, some lights went out and stuff. I took some pictures on my walk home.

in other news, next weekend is the first disco squad wedding. and the first time that I'll be attending a wedding of a friend I've known since second grade. that's sure to be an interesting event. there should be some photos posted afterwords, especially from the un-conventional-bachelor-party-like bachelor party.

ok, I thought I was done with business words, but here I go again: I've been adding some new work to the atmosphere page in my portfolio. some kind of fun stuff for cingular.

ok yeah I've gotta start thinking about non-work things to write about. I'll get right to work on that.