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11:36pm monday august ninth 2004

so this morning I was sitting on a plane. I was between anthony and joel. we were returning from the tenth anniversary celebration of the disco squad.

the three of us started our journey last friday in seattle, where we met up with chief and johnny. we made our way south, hitting spots along the way like mount rainier, mount st. helens, the oregon coastline, crater lake.

the final destination? lake tahoe. joel found us a sweet house there, which we took over for most of the week. eric and mark joined us on tuesday, and tom and matt on wednesday.

we drank alcohol. we grilled meats. we played countless games of poker. we hiked. we laid on the beach. we had fierce food battles. (incidentally, I am now known in some circles as Iron Chef Pork Rib.)

I could continue, but instead of gushing or blabbing on and on, I'd just like to say thanks to all the guys for making it such a great time!

I have over 550 pictures from the trip, with plenty of classics. but since I've hardly slept since waking up in tahoe sunday morning, I have a feeling I won't be getting to that tonight. but they'll be coming soon. so yeah.

hari rama, guys.


12:24am thursday august twelfth 2004

here are some photos!
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