monday 1:37am august sixth 2001

it's about time I got this new page up. don't be alarmed by the orange naked chick. she's not real.

the orange boxes on the left are some photos from the weekend. friday night was a good time out with jim, thor and matt, and saturday night hanging with mark, anthony and tom. thanks to vicki for letting me borrow her camera, so all boozing could be well documented.

I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going with this design. any feedback would be neat.

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thor blurry thor blurry me the jukebox the guys and the jukebox
jim and matt jim and matt tony, chips y salsa salsa chips y salsa
mark with picture of mark tom carrots and celery tony with celery  
tony with screwdriver tom drinks wine tom and tony hold each other tom and tony dance  
tony conducts tony conducts tom