stephen r king
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tuesday 9:28pm july thirtieth two thousand two

I don't like baked beans, but for some reason I have a phrase from a baked beans commercial in my head. when a man who likes baked beans says to his dog "roll that beautiful bean footage."

I'm doing something similar, but better than beans, I've got beautiful rib footage to roll. vicki's dad and stepmom stayed with us this past weekend, and they'd heard the legends of the ribs. so, as any rib fan would do, they requested a quality rib dinner. this was my third time making them, and I finally thought to take pictures of the beautiful slab of meat before devouring it.

so, now appearing in the photo galleries: beautiful rib footage. warning: may cause intense hunger.

in other news, this coming friday is the official death of the liquid design group. so if you're reading this, and at one point or another you worked with/for liquid design, then please join us for food and drink at cedar. it will be foolish.