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friday 1:41am july twenty-fifth two thousand three

yessir updating once again after a five-week hiatus. do I have new news? no, probably not. but about once a month vicki mentions to me "hey, you haven't updated your site in a month." then I say "it hasn't been that long." then I look and say "wow, it has been that long." so here I am.

today I was in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, since it was right in front of me. something caught my eye. I looked a little closer. and closer. and closer yet. I started rooting through my hairs for what caught my eye. I got a pair of scissors. I clipped what caught my eye. I looked at it closely. sure enough, it was a white hair.

this wouldn't be unusual if, say, I had white hair. but my hair is brown. so the appearance of a white hair sounds suspiciously like graying... you know, that thing that happens to old people. so huh. maybe I'm old. going gray at twenty-six? I guess I'd look distinguished or something. or crazy. hmm. yes.

some other things to note:

  • took some photos back home
  • wrapping up clones (should be launching by the end of the month)
  • starting on a new site for kelis
  • thoroughly enjoying my new coffee maker
  • I have now seen pearl jam ten times
thank you goodnight.