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monday 12:36am july twenty-second two thousand two

so yesterday morning I was making coffee. because coffee is something I love/need to drink every morning. I put the beans in the coffee maker, closed it up, and hit On. and there was a louder-than-usual noise. sometimes a few beans get tossed around and miss the blade for the first few spins, but any unusually loud banging-arounds are usually quieted pretty quickly as the beans get chopped up. but this loud noise wasn't stopping. so I stopped the grinder as quick as I could. and opened it up. and found a GODDAMN SCREW in the coffee grinder!

I wasn't real happy. I bought the beans at the coo coo nest on court street. so if you're ever buying coffee beans there, watch out. you may get screwed. (ahahhaha right? get it? uh)

hey, when you're done reading this you should visit the newly renovated fishbucket forum. then you should register. then you should post a new topic. it really doesn't matter what it is, just post something. about anything. or nothing. maybe it'll become a good place to post things and read things that were posted about things that you posted? maybe not. but it's worth a try.

I hate that commercial where the guy's trying to open the sobe case, which only surfer-looking people can open, and onyx is always playing inside. somehow he can't open the case because he isn't a real surfer, he's only pretending to be. so the moral must be that sobe should only be purchased by real surfers. so anybody else shouldn't bother trying, because if you're not a surfer then they don't want you buying their juices. and onyx proabably doesn't want you to listen to "slam" either.

ok, you read my nonsense. now off to the forums you go!