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thursday 1:29am july eightteenth two thousand two

hey look, this looks different. it's a different color. but mainly just one color. I'm not yet totally sure what I think about it. but I think that I like it. what do you think?

today ian and I went to macworld. it was pretty cool. no big surprises or excitements like the cube macworld of two years ago, but still fun to sneak out of work to do mac geek stuff. tomorrow is the long-awaited opening of the soho apple store as well, so the mania continues!

anyway, at macworld today a new version of their online service was released. you may be saying "what do I care?" well, you should care because now I've got plenty of space to easily upload photo galleries, without having to delete old ones. so the photo galleries link will now be on all my pages. on the left. over there. look. that's it.

now you may be saying to yourself "so what? get to the point? are there pictures of last weekend with john and joel or what?" well the answer is yes. yes there is. and the pictures are in a school bus. because I thought that was clever. haha what?

I was alone and far away when I heard the band start playing.