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wednesday 12:18am july seventeenth two thousand two

ok, I have every intention of uploading pictures, but iTools is temporarily unavailable. maybe due to some revolutionary changes that'll be gloriously announced tomorrow morning? oh the excitement! but yes, anyway, pictures. soon.

so I guess I'll just have to write stuff, sans pictures. hmmm. yeah. maybe I'll take out the trash first, and when I get back in I'll be inspired to write some stuff.

wednesday 12:32am july seventeenth two thousand two

back from taking out the trash. we seem to have more garbage now, since it became illegal to recycle glass and plastic. why do you think that is? I don't know if I came up with things to write about while I was out there. except for the recycle thing. oh, and I took out the trash in my underwear. that was pretty wild.

today at work was very interesting. the short story: guy A and guy B went to school together. then they formed a company together. then they stopped liking each other. then they split up the company into company A and company B. well anyway, today I walked (late) into work and saw that company A had completely vacated the office. seems guy A got tired of the life, and sold his company, home and car with the intention of traveling the world with his fiancée. huh. just like that.

they play the grindin' video a lot on MTV2. that's cool. although a lot of the words that are in the song can't actually be heard in the MTV version of the video.

today I bought a new pair of tan shorts, because I realized that the tan shorts I was wearing had developed a hole in the pocket, which change falls out of.

wow, my updates go much more smoothly when I have a crutch like a photo gallery to lean on. now it's just nonsense.

if you're ever tired of reading this, go to fish's site. it's always a good read. and it's always in the links dropdown below.

ok that's all from me tonight. soon I'll have pictures to show. for real.