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monday 12:28am june seventeenth two thousand two

I've been on vacation for the last week. several things have happened. I will now talk about them.

1. vicki and I went to jamaica.
our first real vacation together. it was a good time, except slightly different than we would've hoped because it rained nearly the entire time. so there we were, all prepared for massive amounts of sun and beach and generally tropical things, and it turned out an umbrella would've been more useful than the extra bottle of sunscreen. but we had a good time anyway, and the rains broke now and then, so we got some beach time in.

after one of these periods of beach time, we figured "hey, let's go look at naked people." because next door to our resort was the infamous hedonism II. so, we walked down the beach, through the gate, and into one of the most bizarre situations I've been in. there were naked people. everywhere. and it was really unnerving. I'm all for nudity and all, but I've never stepped into an environment quite like this. first we walked past a hairy guy in a thong, some old naked guys chatting by a boat, a game of middle-aged naked bocce ball, an extremely large naked woman half-buried in the sand, and uh yeah. I didn't quite know what to think. or where to look. or where to not look. but we felt really uncomfortable and out-of-place, because we were DRESSED.

so anyway, the trip was good. lots of red stripe and jerk chicken. and I'm still left with this overpowering feeling of calm and relaxation. which I'm sure will be abruptly destroyed tomorrow morning.

2. steve frey came to town. we played poker.
when we got home from JFK on thursday, there was an unexpected message on the machine. it was anthony saying "steve frey's in town." and I said "huh?" I hadn't seen steve in probably four years. so that was cool. good timing also because friday night was our scheduled poker night. which steve and his girlfriend jess joined us for. much fun was had. much liquor was had. much money was lost. (mine, at least. I assume somebody made out well, but as the night went on, the liquor started overshadowing the card-playing...)

3. I went to the douglas leader boat show.
I was always on a cross-country trip when boat show time rolled around. but this year I finally made it. it was fun. tom and anthony came too. we ate, drank, and watched bands. and I ran into someone else who I hadn't seen in years, sarah williams. she was kind of a friend-of-a-friend, or now an ex-friend-of-an-ex-friend, as it were. that was cool, tho. catching up. some say that it's a "small world" I hear...

so yes. that's a look at my vacation. and now it's about over. that's not very fun.