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monday 10:53pm june sixteenth two thousand three

looking for excuses for why I haven't updated in over a month? well I'm not going to make any. I've been busy, and haven't had time. or haven't made time. this is veering dangerously close to being an excuse, so I'll change the topic right now.

so yeah, been busy with stuff. somehow the slow pace of a self/un -employed™ freelancer was disrupted by the crazy pace of a doing-too-many-jobs-at-once freelancer. but it's a better place, so don't get me wrong. this isn't a complaint. this is a "hey, cool, I'm finally busy" something or other.

what have I been busy with? well I'm glad I asked. I've been working on various projects for various places. including the clones are coming teaser page for star trak, the the movement invite for arista, and various cingular banners for atmosphere bbdo. on the side of all that, I've been working nearly full time at wunderman, doing HTML stuff. (no fun link here.)

one time when I was in high school, I grabbed a piece of yellow lined paper, and thought "I should make a list of bands I've seen." so I grabbed a red pen and wrote down all of the bands that I could remember seeing. I stuffed it in my drawer. every once in a while I'd come across it, and think "hey cool, I should update this." so I would.

on one of my trips upstate, I came across this paper. I brought it back with me and updated it. then I thought "hey, I could totally put this in my computer." and, since I'm lame, I did.

so, after seeing blackalicious on saturday, I thought "hey, I should update that list." so I did. so hey, I'm posting it. don't ask me why. as I said, I'm lame. and if I'm only going to update once a month, I may as well have all sorts of things to put up? or something? anyway:

here's a list of bands I've seen*

* this doesn't include opening acts that I technically saw, but didn't care about (4 Non Blondes? Dashboard Confessional?), or obscure bands who have faded into further obscurity (Civ?) or artists who I saw do one song in a "special appearance" situation (Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes...) however, it does include Vanilla Ice. because that's a frigging badge of honor.