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12:44am friday june eleventh 2004


do I have anything to say at the moment? no, I don't seem to. but it's been about a month, so I'm overdue to type some nonsensical words and save the file and upload it. so hey, here goes...

had a houseguest for the last two nights, some guy named brian. it was a good time, I introduced him to some local spots where we relaxed, had many beers and ate many hot dogs and sausage-type products.

we were talking a lot about various finds in the schalmont scavenger hunt, and debating on how bizarrely interesting our ten-year high school anniversary will be next year. I look forward to it with morbid curiosity, in part because I know I'll probably be there with a bunch of the guys, and there will probably be a lot of drinking involved, and that seems like it would be a funny situation. although I guess "funny" can plummet to "lame" in no time.

currently working on a site for three kings dbc, a new record label in LA. it's coming along nicely, and should be launching by the end of the month. (featuring the back-end talents of chief and the logo talents of ian!)

three years ago tonight: I returned from fishbucket us tour 2001.