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monday 11:47pm may twenty-seventh two thousand two

hi, it's memorial day. it was enjoyable having a long weekend. and enjoyable not having to get up this morning. although I did get up right around the usual workday get-up time, to scratch the three mosquito bites that appeared on my body. but then I went back to sleep. are the mosquitos still doing that west nile thing? that's something people used to worry about.

so hey, that headline above is what my neighbor said to me yesterday. while I was generously basting two racks of hickory-smoked pork spareribs with some homemade barbecue sauce, the dinner party next door was admiring my homer simpson grill. I don't think they knew it was a homer simpson grill, (I think I heard someone say "Popeye,") but they were admiring it nonetheless. then, my neighbor said it: "you've got the best grill in the neighborhood!" I was glowing. it was quite the honor.

so anyhow, yeah. a good weekend. even had a special visitor: staff sergeant brian sacawa was in town and crashed here friday and saturday nights. good to catch up. got me thinking about other people from the past who I rarely talk to anymore, if at all. not because I ever had any problem with them, just because - just because. huh.

so there's been something on my mind this weekend that I'm almost ashamed to admit. I've been thinking that there may be a small chance that it might almost be somewhat convenient if... if I had a cell phone. I've been fighting forever, but is it inevitable that I'll get one at some point? how long can one man fight the future? there was a situation that arose on friday that got me thinking that it may not be the worst thing to get. I don't know tho. I've got a lot of internal struggle to work through first...

wow, this has been a long entry. especially since I haven't had much of anything to say. I haven't been updating this thing so much lately. so I guess now it's all coming flooding back. bwoooah! honey! you're home!

ok that's it.