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12:52am thursday may fourteenth 2004

so this afternoon it was pretty hot and humid in the apartment. so I went out on the porch to have lunch. it was nice and relaxing. then, while on the porch, I started e-mailing people and iChatting with people and looking at flights online. then I thought "hey wait a minute, how am I online while I'm out on the porch? man that's wacky."

then I remembered that I made a new friend this week. I named him Bluestreak. his hobbies include accessing the internet on the porch, and distracting me from work. although his hobbies will hopefully soon include productivity and stuff.

one of the things my friend will be working with me on is a new project, a triple-shot of sites for a new record label in LA. it's one site for the label and sites for the two artists on the label. more details will follow, and some site launches in the coming weeks!

what else is new? hmm. well I realized this week that I graduated from college five years ago this weekend. and that kind of seems hard to believe. but I'm not really filled with "I'm getting old" feelings like I've been hearing from other people, just filled with "wow" feelings.

other news: not at the moment. thank you comeagain.