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saturday 3:52pm may eleventh two thousand two


yesterday, ian and I went out for some drinks after work. unfortunately, we didn't go out for food beforehand. which is a bad idea. later on, I fell down. and twisted my ankle. my ankle is now bigger than it usually is. (see diagram) last night it didn't hurt, but now huh yeah. seems my motor skills were somewhat impaired.

so today I'm doing a lot of laying around. watching the brand new digital tv that was installed this morning. mostly MTV2, which is a pretty good station. they play videos and stuff.

so while on the couch watching MTV2, I got the idea to do something I haven't done in years... draw. (hence the diagram above.) it was pretty cool. I'm sure I'm nowhere near as good as I once may have been, but maybe I'll do some more as I lay around like an invalid. drawing feels good. something I regret that I don't make time for anymore.

ok time to move back to the couch. bye now.