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12:52am thursday may sixth 2004

so, one day a few weeks ago, vicki and I went uptown. mark was in from boston, riding his bike in circles around grant's tomb, so we figured hey let's check it out.

after getting there, we ran into mark and he told us that the race wouldn't start for a while. so we went for a walk to find some lunching. the seinfeld diner was nearby, but it was packed. so we went to another diner nearby. it was less packed. so we ate there.

anyway, during lunch, vicki made a comment that caught me off guard. it was something along the lines of "hey, we could have an engagement party at schnäck!"

and, just in case she changed her mind, or admitted to be joking, I started in immediately on the planning.

fast forward to saturday... we had our engagement party at schnäck. and it was a rockin' good time. thanks to everyone who helped to make it a great day!

ok stop reading now, and go look at pictures!