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tuesday 11:37pm april tenth 2001

so tonight, after an incredibly boring day at work, I went out for some dinner and drinks with matt, thor and jim. a good time. then, I came home, opened the apartment door, turned on the light, and saw...
a dead mouse lying on my living room floor.

I saw a mouse in the apartment over a year ago, and I promised it at that point that it would die. well... it did. and maybe more troubling than "why was there a mouse in my apartment?" is "what in my apartment is deadly enough to kill an animal?" because it wasn't the silly little mouse trap that killed it. I really don't know what did the little guy in. is my apartment that deadly?

maybe when I'm at work there's a huge mouse orgy in my living room, and this guy just couldn't handle all the hot mouse-on-mouse action, and he had a heart attack or something?