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wednesday 12:30am april second two thousand three


it is april second. it is 12:30am. I don't have much to say, but I'm going to write a bunch of words and see how they come out. the television is on, and I'm looking at it occasionally. jimmy kimmel is on, and his cohost is mike tyson, which I find rather interesting. he is now showing clips from television programs. something funny happened but I missed it.

I'm still self/un -employed. you can pick whichever term you'd like. I'm fine with either. at the moment I'm not overly sure what the next move will be. but I'm itching to get going on something. I was looking at some things that inspired me to create. nice textures. I like textures.

this month I will see a few shows. first I will see common, talib kweli and gang starr. I am looking forward to that. I will be going alone. which back in the day I would've frowned on, but now my stance is "hey, I like hip hop. people around me either don't like hip hop, or they can't afford hip hop. so I'm going to go ahead and not let that hold me back." that is my official stance.

I will also see pearl jam. I've seen them five times in the past, and enjoy them. it should be enjoyable.

I'm writing an awful lot of words. I'm really not thinking about the next paragraph, I'm just plunging along. plunging? can someone plunge along? hmm.

yeah, here is the next paragraph. I should have thought about it ahead of time, because now I'm stumped.

it is april second. it is 12:36am.