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thursday 12:48am march fourteenth two thousand two

dog, dog, look at me. I'm twenty-five.

you'd think I'd have something more profound to say about it, wouldn't you? well no. I guess I don't. but I was thinking: what kind of loser updates his webpage at nearly the exact time every year? DAMN that's eerie!

I took a few photos which I thought I'd toss up. because at the birthday gathering tonight, I'll be sure to take plenty plenty more. so click the yellow boxes below to see photos of various beans and other good things.

friday 7:37pm march fifteenth two thousand two

addendum: here are the pictures from last night. (sorry, ran out of space. had to take the pictures down.)

two pounds of coffee mmmmmmmmmm damn that is a lot of coffee ready for grinding ready for drinking! buddy's burrito buddy's burrito jalapeños //no time for photographs