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march 13 2006 // 10:39pm

well, that was quick. It seems like just twenty-nine years ago I was being born. and now, here I am, listening to pearl jam, sipping on some makers mark, and writing words.

yes, in about 70 minutes, I'll be 29. which means in about 365 days and 70 minutes, I'll be 30. but that's a post for 365 days from now.

went out saturday night with some friends to celebrate the birthday. which, for the second year in a row, happened to occur in a bar with a bigscreen tv, which was showing syracuse winning the big east championship. that rocked.

so, um, yeah, looks like the last time I updated this page it was 2005. that's wack. 2006 is only 2.5 months in, but it's already been really busy. plenty of projects so far this year... dilated peoples, evans blue, jeannie ortega, liz miele, morning breath...

but hey, this isn't my portfolio. and if you really want to know about my portfolio, you'd just click portfolio. you want to know about... hmm. you know? that's a good question. what do you want to know about? I really have no clue who reads this, or why.

hey, do you like the beastie boys? and "like" doesn't have to be as strong as, like, "I made a website about the beastie boys before the beastie boys made a website about themselves." that's just nuts. "Like" can be more like "I've liked a lot of their stuff, but I haven't listened to them in a while" or "I used to ride in the back of your car while you played them loud through an 8 track-to-cassette adapter."

well anyway, if you remotely love/like/liked them, I have a movie recommendation. but first, I should apologize... I usually don't curse on this page, unless I'm drunk and pissed at my boss, or there's a horrible terrorist attack on my city, but sometimes it's just necessary. the movie is called awesome; I fuckin' shot that! and... I fuckin' shot that. so you should go to their website, and see if it's playing near you. and while you're there, you should look on the "SHOOTERS" page, in case you think I'm a filthy liar. because, this time, I'm not.

ok that's about it for me. please have a good night, and buy the new pearl jam single tomorrow.