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saturday 1:47am march first two thousand three

went to a party last night. it was cool. it was on a boat and had an open bar. hmm, unlimited drinks for six hours? on a boat that rocks a lot? that's a great recipe for a drunken mess, isn't it? yes. yes it was. so today wasn't so much "productive," but I guess that's fine since I'm not so much "employed"...

it's march now. I was born in march. on the fourteenth I will officially be in my "late twenties"... that's a little intimidating. but hey why not. I guess the lesson to be learned is that a guy in his late twenties needs to be wary of binge drinking on boats. barge binge drinking I guess you could call it. hmm. yes. binge barge. barge binge.

so, speaking of my birthday, and of drinking: every year I get people together to go out and eat and drink a lot. and I have to figure out where to go this year. any suggestions? ideas? e-mail me and tell me.

that's the story. lately I've been working on my actionscripting. refining my skills for that fateful day when steve re-enters the working world. so, I've been working on some things like bouncing balls or clocks or, of course, clown heads. (if you're interested in geek flash stuff, as I am, you'll be interested to know that these are made all with scripting, nothing on the stage. yup. I'm cool.)

do not feed the alligators. they will bite you.