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thursday 12:49am february twenty-eighth two thousand two

took a little time off from "the project" tonight to do some other things. like chilling out a little bit with some fine beers and a fine film, and now even some updating. putting off the inevitable ironing that I have to do for tomorrow morning's meeting at LARGE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION. like a good little non-suit-wearing un-business man, I'm not prepared for such formalities.

but hey, the good news is that you're reading these brilliant words that I write. and I've got a few new photos to show. I haven't had time in quite a while to put pictures up, so yeah. congratulations. here ya go. click on the yellow boxes below. and enjoy them, because who knows when you'll see more! ha ha ha. shut up.

mark reads to his gargoyle tony makes guac tony makes love to an avocado pit homer's underside homer's underside fast lighting head //no time for photographs