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11:16pm tuesday february twenty-fourth 2004

so the word seems to have spread. from schenectady to oswego, all the way to taiwan: people all over the internet are talking about vicki and I being engaged. although johnny's the only one who managed to use the words "Iron Scrote" in the telling of the tale. which is very commendable.

so now we've been reading up on what these "wedding" things involve, and it seems to be a lot of work? who knew? there's all sorts of planning and figuring-out to do. plus plenty of decisions, which I'm not necessarily good with. but it'll all be worth it!

you may think "geez steve, you're engaged. does that mean you're going to blab on about that forever, and not post links to crap you've done?" well no, it doesn't mean that. here are some new links to crap I've done...

an eCard for usher
a brand new fishbucket homepage
a site for comedian Bobby Johnson
some ads I animated for Cingular