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11:47pm wednesday february fourth 2004

It's great when we try to run fishbucket, and get things like "e-mail" and "a web page". and then we assume "hey I bet this new host will do things for us, such as "providing e-mail" and "providing a web page" with reliability. then something mysterious goes on, and we're not getting e-mails and our web page can't be viewed. it's quite enjoyable.

I haven't written in this thing here in a while. let me think of the things that are new... hmm. yes.

the aforementioned video game that I was addicted to has been solved. it has been fun.
I've had this song in my head for several days. Maybe I'll have to go there this weekend and see what all the fuss is about?
I've kind of had enough of that chick who letterman keeps bringing out and dressing in silly costumes to say "letter number one" when he reads letters from the cbs mailbag.
I've been working at atmosphere for the past two weeks. it's been going well. also wrapping up a little project for an "up-and-coming" comedian. that site is in the final stages or something, and will be something something.
I totally broke into a left-justified list in the middle of my awkwardly right-justified thisandthat.