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1:24am tuesday february first 2005

late this afternoon, I was sitting at atmosphere, working on some flash stuff. and I thought "hey, I smell syrup. that's weird. maybe someone is having waffles?" and I went back to thinking about whatever wacky stuff I usually think about.

then, on the way back from getting coffee, or pissing out coffee, I passed two girls who were saying "do you smell syrup?" and I said "hey yeah, I smell syrup too!"

vicki and I were in a "what's for dinner" conversation a few minutes later, and I said I was thinking about waffles, since I could smell syrup. (even though that would be an absurd dinner.) and a few minutes later, she said "hey, since you said that... I smell syrup now too."

thennn... (yes, this story continues...) I left atmosphere and stepped out onto broadway, between 37th and 38th. and damn if I didn't smell the strong odor of syrup out on the street!

annddd... tonight, while sitting on the couch watching letterman, (whose johnny carson tribute was worlds better than that hack leno's, by the way,) goddamn if I didn't smell syrup. and now? right as I ramble all these words that random people will get bored of reading? I smell syrup.

somebody please tell me what's going on.

anyway, enough about that garbage. here are some new links from january, which I haven't been quick about posting on here...

launched a new version of my portfolio. includes some slideshow-type things showing lots and lots of screens, plus a big random "show 'em all" slideshow on the contact page. and new higher-res movies of my animations from college. check that out.

and finally... McGruff the Crime Dog. I digitized his classic "Keeping Kids Safe" tape, for the world's enjoyment. and oh the world is definitely enjoying. download the MP3s, play the hell out of them, then hop on over to the forum to discuss!

ok, that's all I have to say. time to make some waffles.