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wednesday 12:54am january sixteenth two thousand two

the orange lady got old and tired and she fell off a cliff and died. so onto a new era. of green and yellow. completely free of naked orange ladies. let me know what you think. and watch my redesign promo again.

from here on out, photos of the moment will appear in the yellow boxes below. I'm still being vague and un-intuitive about them, but hey. that's where they'll be for now. today's installment is part two of DISCMAS VIII. (see part one, back in the days of the naked orange lady.)

things remain well in my area. things are fine, everything is nice. work's been more bearable lately. for some reason I've been uninterested in going to sleep. I'd rather just stay up. even though that makes for a painful workday, eh what the hell. the date and time I write on these pages are the exact time when I write that line. but this line is coming in at 1:27am. so yeah. I don't know what my point was.

somehow it seems like there's more room for text on this new design. and although I have nothing to say, I'm still writing. damn that's eerie.

yo la tengo's and then nothing turned itself inside-out is currently my favorite late-night album. I can't get enough of it.

ok bye ted
paul opens eric opens tony tastes the forgiveness chief opens joel documents chief lactates eric drinks from the old geezer disco squad circa 2001 disco squad circa 2001 paul and chief, dew and camra //no time for photographs